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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wireless cell phone video security solution

Wireless cellular phone video surveillance solution is here adding a sense of private security and safety it offers you real-time video monitoring.

Wireless cellular phone video security solution This technology utilizes the most powerful software applications for distantly monitoring from Anyplace in the world.
This is a solution that will turn any ordinary mobile phone into a high end surveillance device.
The surveillance system brings video from video source such as USB or IP Webcam to your mobile phone. It contains both the client and server application.

You can view your house, company, babysitter, parents, pets, etc.

You can watch live pictures from your cameras on cell phone through any kind of internet connection from any location in the world. In case of invasion, a real scene helps prevent false alarm and cancel police dispatches to avoid the fines.
Enjoy the freedom of watching all your webcams on mobile phone anytime and from anywhere with just the click of a button.

How does cell surveillance work:

You attach your webcam (USB, IP camera, or Camcoder) to your home computer and setup the software.
The application captures video and sound from camera and sends it, as compressed media stream, to web server.
You login to this Web server from your cell phone and watch your webcam.
No particular application for your mobile phone is necessary.

All about mobile video surveillance.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Inspirational page on facebook :D

 Have a great collection of various funny picture, illogical concepts beyond the scope of engineering you never thought off, and help u to create a bit of humour in your life......
click the link below and add to the family.
you will find it interesting.........

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agle janam mohe engineer na kijo

some of the content is as follow

Thursday, 22 December 2011

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Better off two sites......

Back in the good old days it wasn't nearly so tough to get decent rankings fast. Wasn't nearly so complicated today. You put up some pages, got some links and built from there. Enjoying improving rankings on your way to the top of the charts.

But that was then and this is now. Now there might be times where you would be better off with two sites, (same niche) than just one.

And if I might chance to read you mind you're thinking, "What? Is this guy lost his mind? I can't keep one site going and growing much less two."

I'm with you. But read on to discover when you might want to break out the second site.

<===> Aggressive Article Marketing
Say you're engaged in an aggressive article marketing campaign. Or you're chasing as many reciprocal links as you can. Both legit ways to drive potential visitors or customers or subscribers to your site.

Yet how's that going to mesh with the go slow approach to links Google now favors? Think your zeal might throw be like throwing sugar in the gas tank? And ace you out of the running for top rankings in Google? Maybe.

So if you want to use an article submission service that blasts your article far and wide you might want to rethink that. Or at least develop a second site for the links in your resource box to point to. Since if you've got a site you're grooming for Google, too many links of any kind too fast raises a red flag.

<===> Link Triangulation
It's helpful to have two sites to do link triangulation. Which is a great way to get one way links.

Let's assume you feel one way links are better. To get those two sites are a must. Simply offer to link to your link partner's site from Site X while they link to your Site Y.

Next time offer to link to the other web site from Site Y while they link to your Site X.

This approach lets you build one way links to two sites at once. Which is a good thing since you're building links slowly. Or the currently approved approach for Google.

<===> Adsense or Affiliate Site?
Some seemingly have strong feelings about whether or not Adsense cannibalizes affiliate sales.

Of course the ONLY way to know for sure is to test it. Simply take an established site and run Adsense ads alone for one month. Then drop those ads and feature affiliate products only for the next 30 days. Which produces the most cash flow?

If you find Adsense does cannibalize this may be another situation ripe for the two site solution. Obviously you'll want to edit the content so it's close to unique for each site. Or you might emphasize product reviews on the affiliate site. While offering informative yet more topical articles on the site featuring Adsense.

<===> Yahoo/MSN vs Google Focus?
More and more there is precious little overlap in the respective top rankings of Yahoo, MSN and Google. What works great for grabbing top MSN rankings might well get you in hot water over at Google. While Yahoo at times yearns to be more the anti Google than anything else.

That said, both Yahoo and MSN are more forgiving of, enthusiastic optimization techniques. For instance you can get away with a higher keyword density with them than you would ever dare try with Google anymore.

But as in real life it's hard to please two bosses. So the smart thing might be to set up two sites. To make it easy exclude the googlebot from the site designed with Yahoo/MSN in mind using your robots.txt file. And then reverse roles by excluding Yahoo/MSN from the site you're using to catch Google's eye.

So there you have it. Four instances when two sites may be better than one for your home based internet marketing business.

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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Bombard Your Online Business, Writing Relevant Articles

In today's highly competitive internet market, the importance of attracting targeted traffic to your website cannot be overemphasized. Fortunately, there is spider web of website promotion strategies you can use to drive traffic to your website. Routing internet traffic to your website can be your number one means of survival, especially in the world of eCommerce. Getting a high search engine ranking can be very tedious work.

There is a wide variety of strategies you can choose, from paid advertising to affiliate marketing. However, most of these techniques require payment. Nevertheless, there are ways to promote your website and increase your web traffic without spending anything. Writing articles is one of the best web site promotion strategies you can use, and they can be very effective. How, you may ask, can writing articles help improve your web traffic? Here are the top ways. 

1.Reach more people

When you write good articles, it would be a shame not to share them with other people. You can post your articles in your website or you can submit them to other sites such as e-zines and online publishers. By submitting your articles to these sites, you give exposure not only to your ideas but also to your website. Simply include a link back to your site or include your information in the resource box. With this, you get exposure and free advertising as well. Submit your articles to popular e-zines and take advantage of their popularity. Other sites who find your article relevant may also link back to you. Thus, you increase your link popularity, which is one of the most important strategies in the internet world. Remember that most people are looking for information online and by filling this need with your quality article; you may reap the benefit of more exposure and higher web traffic.

2.Gain High Search Engine Ranking

Create a new web page for your article in your website. Optimize your article to make it search-engine friendly. Use top-ranked keywords and Meta tags that can give your website a high search engine ranking. As soon as you upload your new webpage to your server, search engines will spider through it and you can gain an increase in search engine ranking. Remember that search engine optimized content is a very effective strategy to gain a high ranking in search results.

3.Optimizes your site for improved search engine ranking

By making your site keyword rich, you can greatly improve the search engine ranking of your site. Remember that keyword density is one of the most important factors that search engines use when determining the search engine ranking of site. However, you should always provide relevant, useful and pertinent information. Avoid the temptation of overusing keywords just to gain a high ranking as this may turn off most web surfers. Relevance and quality is still the most important things to consider when writing articles and it will be doubly useful to your site if you make these articles search-engine optimized.

4.Increases Link Popularity

Instead of looking for other sites who would want to establish reciprocal links with your site, you can simply submit an article to other sites. Just do not forget to include a link to your site in your resource box. When these websites pick up and publishes your article, you automatically get a link partner. Try to get as many link partners as you can. Link popularity is one of the factors used by search engines in determining search engine rankings. Make your article especially useful and appealing, so that more websites will be encouraged to publish it.

5.Free Advertising

Submitting your articles to other websites presents an opportunity to advertise your website without paying exorbitant fees. Although you should avoid marketing language in your articles and make it informative and useful to your readers, you can always include your site's link in the resource box. In addition, by making your article relevant and helpful to your readers, you are making a good impression for your website, which could ultimately lead to a visit and hopefully a purchase. Good quality content in an article is far better and more effective than a few lines of ad space. You have a very special opportunity to resell your product or service to your prospective customer.

6.Establishes a Good Impression and Reputation

By writing excellent, original and relevant articles, you not only give your site exposure, you are also creating a good impression on your prospects. Encourage more people to visit your site and do business with you by establishing an impressive reputation through your articles. Be seen as an expert in the field and your will ultimately gain more customers eager to do business with you.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Article Submitter

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You see, like many of you I had read all of the Internet marketing "how to" books, and I had become convinced that it took money to make money. Those books told me that I had to buy ads in the major search engines, rent e-mail lists and pay to insert ads into e-zines. So I clicked on the links to the programs that they recommended and I spent and I spent and I spent.

I did EVERYTHING that the "Gurus" told me to do and I ended up spending more than I was making. I felt deceived!
Does it frustrate you that you have been lied to, ripped off, and literally been taken advantage of by blood sucking MLM, and internet marketing program owners? "

So, he suggested the article submitter technique to make the site get money and peace of mind.
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Thursday, 1 December 2011

blog lnks

A lot of time is spent by bloggers trying to get other blogs to link to them. A lot of traffic can be gained by doing this with blogs that are both related to your topic and blogs that have a lot of readers.

This can sometimes be very difficult for new bloggers because they do not yet have enough readers or page rank to interest the bigger blogs.

Talk to other bloggers who are in the same position as you right now and develop a lasting relationship. You link to them, they link to you and as both of your blogs grow those links will pay off for you.

Many people find a blog they like, then will take suggestions from that blog about other blogs they might like. So someone goes to a blog you have traded links with and likes them, then they follow your link and if your content is good, they add you to their reading list. The same happens in reverse for the one you link back to.

Sooner than you think both of your blogs will become ones that a circle of people read. The more blogs you do this with, the more your circle will eventually grow.

Don't be too concerned with page rank. Many of the established blogs with good page rank are not going to link to you until you build up your readership at least a little. There is a reason for this and it isn't arrogance, though it may feel that way at times.

The reason is that many people start blogs, but few people actually become bloggers. Blogging daily takes a commitment that many are not willing to make. The established blogs might link to you regardless of page rank and traffic issues if they see you are committed to writing your blog and becoming a blogger.

They don't want to link to someone's blog that may or may not be around next month. It is a disservice to their readers and a hassle to remove your link later or check and see if you are actually still blogging. They do not have the time to hold your hand on it.<
If they check out your blog and you have been posting to it every day for quite awhile, say 6 months at least, then they might give you a helping hand and welcome you to the blogosphere.

Put it into your schedule to make a post every single day, even if it has to be a short one due to lack of time. When there is a time you know you will not be able to post for a few days, make a post for each of those days and if you are using wordpress you can timestamp the posts so that each one appears on the scheduled day. That is one way to keep your blog fresh for your readers every day.

Another tip is, as we post to our blogs daily, there are times when you have two or three things you want to blog, but if you are finding it hard to post daily, time stamp the second or third post for other days rather than posting them right now unless it is something time sensitive. Try to stay two or three days ahead so that if you miss a day, it won't hurt you.

If you are using blogger or other blogging software that doesn't have the timestamp feature, save them as drafts, then log in when you have little time and post your draft. If you have time to blog a post, then leave the draft there until you need it.

Don't let yourself get frustrated if everyone doesn't want to link to you right away. If you are blogging good content, you may find they are linking to you before you even ask!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

smiley codes for skype

emoticon 00173 middlefinger Hidden Skype Emoticons Finger (finger)

emoticon 00174 bandit Hidden Skype Emoticons Bandit (bandit)

emoticon 00175 drunk Hidden Skype Emoticons Drunk (drunk)

emoticon 00176 smoke Hidden Skype Emoticons Smoking (smoking)(smoke)(ci)

emoticon 00177 toivo Hidden Skype Emoticons Toivo (toivo)

emoticon 00178 rock Hidden Skype Emoticons Rock (rock)

emoticon 00179 headbang Hidden Skype Emoticons Headbang (headbang)(banghead)

emoticon 00180 bug Hidden Skype Emoticons Bug (bug)

emoticon 00181 fubar Hidden Skype Emoticons Fubar (fubar)

emoticon 00182 poolparty Hidden Skype Emoticons Poolparty (poolparty)

emoticon 00183 swear Hidden Skype Emoticons Swearing (swear)

emoticon 00184 tmi Hidden Skype Emoticons TMI (tmi)

emoticon 00185 heidy Hidden Skype Emoticons Heidy (heidy)

emoticon 00172 mooning Hidden Skype Emoticons Mooning (mooning)

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Your Old Ezine Articles

It's over. You've written your ezine article, sent it out to some ezine publishers, posted it to some article banks and announcement groups, and have even had it published in a few ezines. Pretty good, huh! Now it's time to forget about that article and move on to the next one. Or is it?

Actually, if you forget about your article now you may be missing out on some of the most important benefits that can be gained from writing ezine articles. Listed below are 5 ways to get more benefits from your already published ezine articles.

1. Submit URLs of Published Article to Search Engines

Many times people will like your article enough to post it on their website. Once you find the URL where your article is published try submitting it to some search engines. The webmaster probably won't mind but a email asking for their permission can't hurt. Additionally, if your article is published in an ezine that is archived on a website you can submit the URL of the issue of the ezine that your article appeared in. If it's a well-designed site the search engines may except the submission and your article may start appearing in search results all over the Net.

I recommend using free search engine submission sites like: or

2. Submit Article Bank URLs to Search Engines

When you post your articles to article banks like or, your articles are posted on their own webpage. Submitting the URL for this page to search engines can bring added readers to your writing. I tried this tip a while back and truthfully I forgot that I even did it. Recently, I was surprised to find that a few of the article bank URLs that I had submitted were actually in some of the major search engines!

3. Post Your Articles on Your Own Website

By posting your articles to your own website you are giving all visitors to your site a chance to read over and benefit from your writings. Having well-written, informative articles, that you've personally written, on your site can add to your credibility-which can increase sign-ups and sales.

4. Save All Articles and Promote Them Again in 6 Months/1 Year

New people are logging onto the World Wide Web each day. The ezines that run your articles now will have thousands more subscribers in a years time. Your article will be new to all these fresh faces. And even the people who read your article in the past will probably learn something from it the second time around as well. Of course, you'll want to be sure an update your article and maybe even add some new information.

5. Compile Your Past Articles Into an E-book

E-books are everywhere these days and for a good reason: People read them! After you have written a few articles you may have enough content to publish your own e-book. Then you can offer this e-book to subscribers or website visitors as a free gift. Or you can sell your e-book for a small fee.

**Bonus Tip** Always Include Good Resource Box

Whenever you write an article be sure to always include your resource box. This is the section at the end of the article where you talk about YOU. If people like your article they will look for your resource box to find out where they can get more information from you. Be sure to include at least one URL in your resource box. That way anytime your article is posted on a website you will have a link to one of your websites, which, coincidentally, will help out your websites search engine ranking if you follow tips #1 and #2 in this article.

So don't forget about those previously published articles you've got saved in Microsoft Word. Pull them out. Dust them off. Re-use them. Start on your E-book. And try and remember all the websites that have posted your articles. Get the URLs. Submit them to a few search engines. The benefits you receive may suprise you. And now, my resource box:

Monday, 21 November 2011


Link Exchanges have been used since the beginning of the internet as a way of gaining popularity in the eyes of the major search engines. This used to be the best way to gain positioning in the major search engine results for your given keywords. Your company could gain ground fairly quickly by utilizing link exchanges.

Wikipedia's Definition of a link exchange:

Link Exchange ("Reciprocal Link Exchange") is the practice of exchanging links with other websites. There are many different ways to arrange a link exchange with webmasters. The simplest way of doing it is to email another website owner and ask to do a link exchange. Also visiting webmaster discussion boards which offer a dedicated link exchange forum where webmasters can request a link exchange be it of a certain category or open to anybody.
Link exchange has been a long time practice by website owners since the beginning of the web. In the last few years (after year 2000), this practice has gained more popularity as search engines such as Google started favoring sites that had more links in the rankings. This system was very accurate at gauging the importance of a website when it first started, leading to the popularity of Google.
However according to experts, search engines no longer place a heavy emphasis on reciprocal links. Instead, the popularity or credibility of a site is now gauged by one way incoming links to that site. In addition, analysis suggests that it is very important both that the theme of an incoming be link be relevant to the page being linked to.
This definition can be found here:
The death of the link exchange is officially here. Relevant one-way links are the most important aspect of search engine optimization since the newest algorithm changes for the major search engines. Yahoo has gone as far as denying sites admission into their search submit program for having a link exchange program, considering it spam.

The best way to build relevant links is by utilizing these aspects of search engine optimization:

1. Directory Submissions: The all important DMOZ ( and yahoo directory ( are mandatory for any company seeking high rankings in the search engines. Be sure to search for relevant directories for your company. You can do this by searching for your major keywords in search engines with the word "directory" and will find them fairly easily.
2. Article Submissions: By writing articles that can be reprinted for free, you get free advertising and webmasters get content to deliver to their customers through an article database or e-zines. You are allowed to include a resource box at the end of your article that contains information about your company and the all important link to your website.
3. Social Book Marking: Social Book Marking is a new trend on the internet that was pioneered by sites like,, and many others. This is the act of book marking a site to a public (or private) favorites archive that other web users can use to find important information. You then use tags to identify your book mark for the relevant keywords. This also generates a link pointing to your site.

The link exchange has officially become useless. End your link exchanges now while you still have the chance to do so. In the near future, search engines may penalize sites that take part in link exchanges, so take advantage now and get rid of them before you lose crucial positioning in the search engine results pages.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

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Sunday, 13 November 2011

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Webcam Software

Actual Camera Capture Manager

Webcams HQ MPEG streams is a webcam that features the most complete at this time, Webcam streams in MPEG HQ complete range of features that are not owned by the similar products because of the features that was provided there are several menus that can be set according to our wishes and very easily operated by anyone, including people who just learning to use a webcam though, besides other advantages of all the menus and features in the present language options available as well, which would certainly greatly assist you in operating the facilities contained on the ’Webcam HQ MPEG streams’ is. if you have been using webcams HQ MPEG stream then you feel has the facilities that really support your daily activities both in offline and online and find satisfaction in communicating with a very complete feature is provided to you, please prove the benefits of products that we offer to you because too much excess which is owned by Webcam HQ MPEG stream, so that we can only provide a partial picture only. survived an adventure in the new world of this decade, we are sure you will be impressed on ’Capture from Webcam HQ MPEG stream’ extraordinary

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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Name your taskbar in you own way

Hey its a very cool trick u can amaze u r friends and relatives by inserting your name on the bottom right task-bar. Follow the instructions bellow:

Open Control Panel

then regional and Language Options
after that Customize.
Thats it.
using this what you can do is the following things
you can change the name of start menu name.
also you can replace AM and PM in your clock with any of name.
now implement this and enjoy.................

Thursday, 27 October 2011

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Fcebook Blank Post


AND TYPE 0173.

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Sunday, 9 October 2011

youtube fun while buffering

When you open youtube for same videos you might have seen it buffering for a little time before it get started.
But sometimes when it takes too long to get it started with video and you get pissed off by that time. so what i am telling you is will not help to make you get the video soon but rather help to make you to wait patiently for the same ;)

this is basically not a trick may be you all know this

whenever you see a video buffering during that time click on the video and just tap an arrow key you will see that a game popularly known as snake will be seen and you can play it tough there is no any score and no competition but you get play till you until you get started with the video....

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

vodafone free internet

vodafone free internet
Friends if you don't want to wast your time turning on you pc for a notification and want to access it on your mobile without paying for it then you came at the right place

this trick is only for vodafone users

the steps are as follow:




Saturday, 1 October 2011

hostgator coupon